Okamoto USA, Inc., located in Stratford, CT is a wholly owned subsidiary of Okamoto Industries, Inc., of Tokyo, Japan. Okamoto Industries, established in 1934, has earned an international reputation as a leading manufacturer of quality rubber and plastic products. Our company’s flexibility has enabled us to adapt existing product lines to the needs and trends of the market and to pioneer new products through research and development. Only products achieving the highest standards of quality will display the Okamoto name.

We at Okamoto are concerned about people and the  environment in the realm of rubber and plastic products. Pursuing this goal, we  will continue manufacturing products with originality and the highest quality standards.




Peel, Stick & Relax for 6 Hours!

Directly apply to skin. Ideal for stiff neck, stiff shoulders or wrists! Thinner, lighter and so compact that you can ‘place it and forget it’ while soothing your neck, shoulder or wrist.


The Closest Thing to Nothing at All®

Okamoto is one of the leading manufacturers of condoms in the world since 1934. Our state-of-the art manufacturing and testing processes enable us to make a thinner, stronger, and silky soft condom for a sensuous natural experience. Our BEYOND SEVEN® Condoms and Crown® Condoms are "The closest thing to nothing at all."®


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