Okamoto Sandusky Manufacturing is a manufacturing company devoted to developing and processing synthetic leather materials for the transportation industry. We have a wide range of technical skills both overseas and in North America. We have made it our business to process, produce and provide high quality synthetic leather that satisfy our consumers’ requirements.

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Top Message

Our mission is to achieve expanding a sustainable society with trust under our slogan “Science Delivers Better Living” as a rubber and plastic manufacturer.

Okamoto Industries, Inc. was established in 1934 as a manufacturer of latex condoms, rubber boots, and rubberized cloth. Since then, as a “comprehensive rubber and plastic manufacturer”, in addition to rubber products such as condoms and rubber gloves, we have also developed wide range of consumer products such as adhesive tapes, shoes, dehumidifiers, heating pads and enema. And further, we have also developed the products for industrial market such as plastic films, agricultural films and automobile interiors.

Since the early days of our first establishment and as a manufacturer with the belief that “Science Delivers Better Living”, we will continue to pursue the development of materials, production technologies, and quality improvement.

We are working on energy savings, active investments in renewable energy, development of environmentally friendly products and reduction of waste or reuse for products. We will continue pursue our role in society for using precious resources efficiently.

Okamoto will conform to legal compliance and respect for human rights throughout the supply chain by ensuring respect for diverse values and work-life balance. These are important management issues, and we will ensure the fairness of our business and promote sustainable growth for the better work environment.

As we approach the 90th and 100th anniversary, we will do our utmost to earn the trust of society and meet everyone’s expectations.

We look forward to your continued understanding and support for the Okamoto Group.


Sincerely yours,

President and CEO
Kunihiko Okamoto





Since 1950, Okamoto has been the leading manufacturer of automotive interior materials in Japan. Okamoto’s products are both Thermo Formable materials and wrappable cut and sew materials made of blended PVC/foam, TPO/foam, PVC/Urethane foam, PVC coated fabric, etc.

Currently, Okamoto supplies various synthetic leather interior materials to the North American and Asian Automotive OEM Manufacturers such as Honda, Toyota, Nissan, and Subaru. Okamoto also manufactures vacuum formable seating materials for motorcycle and power sports manufacturers in Japan and North America including Harley Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki. Okamoto has a majority market share in this field.

Technical Capabilities

  • OKAMOTO Sandusky Manufacturing has many process capabilities such as Calendering, Coating, PCA Application and Sheeting. Whatever best meets our customers requirements, at an economical cost will be approved by our customers.
  • We are in a superior position to serve the automotive industry worldwide.

Current Customers

  • OKAMOTO currently supplies various interior materials to the North American and Japanese Automotive Industry including Honda, Toyota, Nissan, and Subaru.
  • OKAMOTO’s synthetic leather materials are made of blended PVC/Foam, TPO/Foam, PVC/Urethane Foam, PVC coated fabric, etc…..
  • OKAMOTO is supplying seating materials for motorcycle manufacturers in Japan and North America including Harley Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki.
  • OKAMOTO is the pioneer vacuum formable seating material for motorcycles in Japan where we hold a majority of the market share in this field.

Development Capabilities

  • Our Shizuoka, Japan Plant has a variety of machines including calenders and extruders which make it possible for us to produce a wide array of products and develop new materials.
  • In addition to many types of testing equipment and analyzers, we have full-size vacuum forming capabilities. This capability allows us to develop our materials how they will be used by our customers in product situations.
  • We have the ability to develop texture from concept to design including the manufacturing full-width trial emboss rolls.

Okamoto’s Facilities

email: sodanshitsu@tmx.okamoto-inc.co.jp

Osaka Branch
Nagoya Branch
Fukuoka Branch



  • Synthetic Leather Films
  • PVC
  • TPO



  • Plastic Films (PVC, PP, TPO, ABS, etc).
  • Food Wrapping Film
  • Automotive Interior
  • Flexible Container
  • Wall covering
  • Wood Grain film Others


Quality Policy


Okamoto Sandusky is dedicated and committed to becoming a Globally Preferred Supplier through achieving Total Customer Satisfaction.  We will strive for excellence in the Prevention of defects and the Continual Improvement of the effectiveness of all our activities.





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